Right Fit Mask

Filter Information

How often do you need to change the filter?

It is recommended to change the Carbon Filter after every 3-5 uses. You can purchase additional carbon filters for our adult and child masks in our shop!

What is an activated carbon filter?

A protective face mask should be worn in all public settings right now, and our masks with the activated carbon filter offer five layers of protection. These filters may help protect you from breathing in dust, pollen, smoke, vehicle exhaust, hazy air and more.

Activated Carbon filter, or charcoal filter, is a bed of activated carbon typically in granular or powdered block form, and consists of millions of tiny absorbent pores. This air filter has been treated to be extremely porous, and this is the popular filtration against gases, chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

What Is the air valve on the front?

The respiratory air valve on the front helps prevent that heat and moisture buildup, along with preventing CO2 accumulation. You may have noticed when you wear a mask you feel the humidity build up behind it. Our masks prevent this from happening!

How Do you change the filter?